• Access, analyze and collaborate using
    data-driven insight important to your work.
    Agralogics' Collaboration Platform is built specifically for your
    activities around growing, processing and selling food.
  • Your data is your business. Food data is our only business.
    View our privacy policy.
  • Silicon Valley, meet Central Valley.
    Agralogics' team uniquely combines deep
    agricultural, data science and technology

Agralogics' Collaboration Platform

Spend less time sifting through data.
Get back to what you love about growing food.

Getting started is easy as 1, 2, 3

  1. Identify your acres
  2. Access public data and securely add private data -- all relevant to your acres
  3. Analyze, organize and collaborate using insight derived from the data

V1 Features

  • Sync your personal calendar with nature’s degree day calendar
  • Schedule your field operations by biological clocks native to food
  • Visualize your region in plain, ETC and NDVI view
  • Securely add activity logs, photos and documents relevant to your acres
  • Go back in time with field backcasting
  • Share information to collaborate with your trusted circle

Agralogics' Privacy Policy

Data privacy and security are as important to us as they are to you.

Agralogics is an independently owned and operated company. Our only revenue comes from providing software as a service.
We will never share your private data. We will only use private data to enhance your operational collaboration experience.

Securing your data is our top priority.
We use features like Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and AES-256 encryption today. We will continue adopting up-to-date security measures in the future.

Agralogics cares about food the world eats.

That’s why we use cutting-edge data science to drive operational efficiencies for the food ecosystem.

Our Team

Sanjay Dayal
CTO + Co-Founder
Shishir Verma
Sumer Johal
CEO + Founder
Ana Lopez
Kazi Rahman
Data Scientist
Kerry Beane
Regional Manager
Linju Jose
Senior Software Developer
Prakash Singh
Senior Software Developer
Thomas Dewey
VP of Commercial Operations
Xu Zhang
Senior Software Developer
Yudi He
UI/UX Designer
Mark Linder
VP Business Development
Navneet Bilga
Agriculture Data Scientist
Thomas Capote
VP of Customer Success
Sumer Johal Founder + CEO
Your food philosophy?
It is a delicious reminder of our dependence on nature, to this earth and its dependence on us.
First time on a farm?
I grew up in an agriculturist family - all dining conversations were around the farm and land. My first recollection of our farm is when I was around 8. My Dad sat me down next to him as he milked our buffalo, and I first tried "fresh" buffalo milk.
The most pressing food question on your mind?
How are we going to manage the supply-side with the current trends in climate change, population growth, eating habits evolving and increased regulations?


Everyone has to eat.
Join the elite team making a well-fed world possible.

To those who obsess about the way the world eats.
To those who speak the poetry of data.
To those who break convention.
This invitation is for you.


Agralogics is backed by founders and executives from some of the biggest names in big data and enterprise software.
Nimble Storage
JP Morgan Stanley
Pricewaterhouse Coopers
Riverbed Technologies

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